Year 6 Crumble Coding

A terrific day was had by the Year 6 children and adult helpers, coding Crumble robots to race around a track. The day was challenging yet fun and the children learned an incredible amount in this technological field. Thank you also to all those that helped to make this possible, and to the children for their exceptional behaviour.

Busy Bumblebee Class

Like their name suggests bumblebees have been very busy. Each week we have a new book to investigate and enjoy. Here are some photographs inspired by our first book ‘Avocado baby’. Testing our strength and making small world play.

Our Wonderful Garden

In our gardening lesson the children have been busy harvesting the produce from our garden.

The children have enjoyed observing how the garden had grown and changed over the Summer and into the Autumn.

We even had some visitors……

Unfortunately the caterpillars ate our entire broccoli plant.

Storytelling in Year 2

Today we looked at retelling stories. Our story today was about Bubbles. We started by putting ourselves into the story by playing with bubbles and watching them travel. We then went onto using puppets to retell our story and trying to use exciting language to make it interesting.

Year 3 Climate Change Research

In our geography lesson this week we are thinking about climate change. We discussed the statement “all countries contribute equally to climate change” and used ipads to research and find out more. We then discussed whether we agree or disagree!

Check out the links we looked at:

Starting off Year 6 with a bang!

This Friday all of the Year Six children got the chance to make a rocket! We worked hard on our communication and team building skills in preparation for Bawdsey in one weeks time! We had loads of fun and really thought about how our designs would impact the different forces that would be acting on our rockets. 

Once we had completed our rockets, we went to the field as a year group to test them out! One person from each team had to volunteer to get extremely wet and hold the rocket in place! Our winning rocket travelled a whopping 48 meters, but everyone’s rockets impressed us very much! We have now evaluated our rockets and believe, after learning from our mistakes, we now all have the power to build award winning rockets. 

We are all engineers!

Welcome to the Gorseland Blog

We would like to introduce the new Gorseland Blog. This blog will contain posts from all year groups, giving you an insight in to the learning happening around the school.

Be sure to check back often to see the latest posts.