Things are looking bright in Year 3!

This week, we have been thinking a lot about where we get electricity from. We are very excited about the new solar panels that are being fitted, and have been learning how they use the sun’s renewable energy to create electricity.  Thank you Mr Roberts for giving us the chance to get a closer look and ask questions!

Young Voices at the O2

What a wonderful start to the week we had! Three Year 7 pupils and three SSC2 pupils fully participated in the Young Voices choir concert at the O2 arena and challenged themselves in new experiences from start to finish. Highlights included spotting the O2 from the coach, the unusual activity of eating a packed dinner, locating family members across the arena, enthusiastic dancing alongside the Urban Strides and of course singing in front of thousands of people. This blog post is definitely written by a very proud teacher. Well done, Gorseland choir!

Year 3 Make Bread!

This week, Jamie and Caroline from Caterlink visited Year 3! We spoke about the different types of bread and where they originate from. We then made our own bread, which we tried with our parents!

The Doctor visits Year 1

We are learning about ‘Animals including humans’. To help us learn about humans a Doctor came to visit us. She asked us what was wrong and told us about how to keep healthy. She brought her stethoscope and tested our reflexes. Now we know how to keep fit.

Fabric Faces in Year 1

With Mrs Smith, Year One have been exploring different fabrics so that they can design and make a fabric face. There are lots of things to think about. First you have to make a paper pattern for the face shape. Then you have to draw your design so that you can follow your plan. Next you have to work out how you will add the features to your circle. Lots of skills are needed like accurate cutting and using a range of joining techniques. If you want to see our fabulous results you will have to check in with the blog again soon.

The Vet visits Year 1

Year 1 had a visit for Orwell Vet Nurses to show us how to care for our animals. They brought their dog Trip to show us.  We learned about health checks and how to take a dog’s temperature with a thermometer. Using a stethoscope we compared a dog’s heart beat to a human heart beat. We found out that you have to look after an animal’s teeth. Trip enjoyed the treats we gave him and liked it when we brushed his fur.  We enjoyed Trip coming to visit.

Dramatic Inspiration

Today, we had lots of fun acting out our dialogue text from the novel Pig-heart Boy. The characterisation and engagement was excellent. A terrific way to bring learning to life Year 6.

3B’s Pride Tree

This week, in PSHE, 3B have been discussing moments to be proud of and using a growth mindset. We have made a Pride Tree in our classroom! Each class member will put a moment they are proud of on a leaf which will be added to the tree every week!