Scarab designing in 5A!

Having looked at many scarabs from Ancient Egypt, we designed our own scarabs. Finally, we  used a variety of tools to recreate our designs on clay. Now, all we have to do is wait for them to dry before painting them!

World Book day in 5A

We had great fun dressing up and sharing our favourite books. We were also authors for the day with paired writing of our fables. Our fables all had messages we developed of how to make better choices in life

Science Week in Year 3!

As part of Science Week, we took part in a Supernova Scientists workshop! We tested different liquids to find out if they were acid or alkaline. We found out we could tell which was which by the colour the liquid turned and investigated what patterns we noticed.

Science in Action in Year 3!

In science, we have been learning about forces. We investigated friction as a force by creating ramps made of different materials. We measured the distance a toy car travelled when going down the different ramps. We enjoyed coming up with our own scientific questions to test!

World Book Day!

All of the children looked fantastic dressed up as their favourite book characters. They showed great interest in one anothers outfit choices which lead to some brilliant book discussions. Lots of role play took play throughout the day and we even managed to put on our own production of Little Red Riding Hood. 

Sensational Year 6 Fundraising event

As very proud teachers, we just wish to send out a massive thank you to everyone that has run, baked, helped prep tombola prizes, bagged sweets, found sponsors (or been a sponsor!) and worked passionately to raise funds for film week. We have been overwhelmed by everyone’s commitment and generosity and have enjoyed seeing the children so keen to get involved.

Well done one and all!Miss Lambert and Mrs Orrin

PE in Year 3!

This half term, with Mr Betts, Year 3 are developing their dodgeball skills. This week, we have been developing our throwing accuracy using the dodgeballs!