We are scientists!

In science, we have been focusing on observing changes and explaining what has happened. We did an experiment looking at whether oranges float or sink. However, one of our oranges had peel on, the other didn’t. We predicted what we thought would happen. When we put them in the water, we noticed that one floated and one didn’t. We had fun guessing why this might have happened and made connections with the air particles!

Our trip to the Tide Mill!

Today, we went on a school trip to Woodbridge and Ipswich. In the morning, we went to Woodbridge to do three different activities. One activity was to do some sketching of the boats that we could see. We discussed how to hold a pencil for sketching and how to draw using shapes. We had to use our concentration skills to make sure we were being accurate with our drawing. Our second activity, was in Woodbridge museum. We had a treasure hunt where we were all given a number. Around the room, artefacts were numbered and we had to go and find the one that t matched ours. We then had to find out what it was. We then went to the Tide Mill. In the mill, we got to experience a working mill and watched how it worked. We discussed the water energy that was needed to make the mill work and how they controlled the water. We got shown how they made flour and we even got to try some bread!

In the afternoon, we went to Ipswich Docks. We had a look at lots of old photos and tried to find things that were still there now. We discussed what the docks were used for and how water energy and wind energy was important for the transportation on goods. We looked at the customs house, Isaacs and the window museum. We looked at the grain race, how far they travelled and what happened to the goods when they arrived.

We had a great day out exploring energy!

Year 1 at Christchurch Mansion

In history as part of Take One Place, Year 1 have visited Christchurch Mansion. They had a busy day looking at toys, old and new, in the Mansion and finding out about the family who used to live there. Outside they explored the park land and found the ice house.

1B – Numeracy

We have been carrying out a sorting investigation based on the features of 9 houses.  This prompted lots of discussion and reasoning for their groups.  Well done 1B!

Year 5 trip to West Stow

Year 5 had a fantastic trip to West Stow on Friday to discover how archeologists are using evidence to explore how people lived during Anglo Saxon times. Thank you to parents who helped on our trip!

Year 1 Shape shops

In maths the challenge was to have our own shape shop. Working in teams of two or three we had to total our coins, then price and arrange our shape display. When the shops were open we had to make sure we took the right money and gave the correct change. At the end we made patterns with the shapes we had bought and counted our profits. 

Year 5’s visit to Kesgrave Library

Today year 5 had a great trip to Kesgrave Library. We learned how to reserve books and familiarised themselves with the new library layout. We were also enthused to read more and all borrowed books. Thank you to the super librarians who made us feel so welcome and helped us.

Year 1 DT Handa’s Surprise

In D.T. Year 1 have been learning to prepare fruit safely and hygienically.  Using Handa’s basket of fruit as their starting point they learned how to prepare pineapple, papaya, passion fruit and mango. They even peeled a pineapple in a way that no one in school had ever tried before! Of course afterwards they had to eat all their hard word work. Many people tried something new. Yum.