1,2,3 Throw!

In PE, we have been practicing our throwing skills. To be able to throw accurately, we must be able to aim. We have been exploring different ways of aiming. To help us aim we have too look at the target, position our body correctly and then throw when we are ready. We have got very good at hitting our targets!

The Easter Experience!

Last week, we went to the church to explore the Easter Story. Reverend Margaret started our visit reading the beginning of the story. We then did five different activities which helped us explore and understand what happened. The activities were: writing our hopes and dreams on pebbles, drawing a cross on our hand using water, eating bread and grapes, thinking about a time alone and looking at words that Jesus might have felt during the time of crucifixion. We had an enjoyable time.

Science Week!

We became scientists! During Science Week, we had some real scientists come and visit. We explored what science was and how science helped the world. We conducted our own experiment which we all found very exciting! We had to put an indicator into a tray. Then we had to add another liquid which meant that the indicator changed colour. This helped us work out whether it was an acid, alkaline or neutral. It was fun experimenting and questioning what was happening!

Independent Life Skills in Year 7

The Year 7 pupils have shown enthusiasm for creating the raised beds for the new allotment area and have really taken ownership of the tasks in each stage of the process. First, they thought carefully about the colour of the outdoor paint, giving reasons for their choices and voting for their preferred options. Next, they changed into suitable clothing and learned how to safely carry and paint planks of wood. The pupils then joined the wood by hammering nails and using a screwdriver during the construction process. It’s been fantastic seeing the class engaged in a whole learning process, trying new skills, developing independence with practical skills and demonstrating perseverance. What excellent work!

Year 7 RSPCA Outreach Project

The Year 7 pupils are very keen on animals and regularly communicate about their pets or previous experiences with animals. Therefore, it seemed appropriate for us to participate in an outreach project with the local RSPCA centre. The pupils were initially surprised to see the rather old looking collection box in the classroom, but they became very eager to suggest ideas for ways to make it look more appealing. The pupils have really taken ownership of the project and designed the artwork, chose and ordered the materials online then washed the sculpture to prepare it for decorating. The pupils practised décopauge techniques by making stationery pots before carefully applying décopatch paper and acrylic paints to the sculpture, decision making along the way. The whole class participated in the project and have demonstrated enthusiasm, concentration and perseverance. We were very pleased to spend Friday afternoon with Gill who explained how donations support animals at the RSPCA centre in Martlesham. The pupils then excitedly revealed the collection box and talked about their learning process. We feel a little sad to see the sculpture leave Gorseland but hope that it will encourage a few more donations for the centre. Falcon Class are very grateful for the opportunity we’ve had this term – thank you!

6A get busy making their inventions.

I can’t wait to see the outcome of their hard work – 6A have been extremely industrious this afternoon, putting their Dragons’ Den products together. A few more hours of learning time remain until their deadline. You can do it 6A – keep working together and supporting each other!

Author Visit in Year 2

This week, we had a visit for James Campbell. He is an author and he has written books such as Boy Face and The Funny life of pets! We discussed who could be a writer and what makes a person a writer. He gave us lots of inspiration for our writing and he even read some of his books to us! This helped us with our piece of writing for generating ideas!