Reading for Pleasure

We love reading in Year 3! Every Friday, we enjoy spending time in the Library. We share books,  hear stories and swap recommendations. What is your favourite book?

Reading for Pleasure – Year 6

This afternoon’s learning was dedicated to reading for pleasure – anytime, anywhere, anyhow! We had: a range of reading areas, and environments, to choose from; a book blanket and book nook to select texts from; reading identity activities; book cover and fav read displays; a mystery reader (Mrs Aldous); paired reading with Year 3 children and Mr and Mrs Townsend; a surprise book basket with signed copy of Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s The Girl of Ink and stars, Year 6 volunteers bravely sharing their book choices, and a great deal of ‘book blether’.

The children’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with several saying that they didn’t like reading, but today had opened their eyes to new possibilities. If you could be our next ‘Mystery Reader’ and would be willing to share a book with the children, please let me know and we’ll try and arrange a suitable time to surprise 6A. Well done 6A, and thank you for trying something new!

Tree Planting

Today, children across the school planted 450 trees around the school grounds. The children attached handmade labels to their tree so they can remember which tree is there’s once they grow up.

Year 6A Class Assembly

A huge well done to all members of 6A for their wonderful singing, acting, confidence, enthusiasm and creativity during this afternoon’s class assembly. You all should feel extremely proud. You worked together and created a masterpiece!Thank you also to all parents who supported today’s event – it really is appreciated by your children.

Ammonite Art in Year 5

As part of our understanding of time we looked at ammonite fossils and then used their outlines to create some wonderful colour shades. We enjoyed mixing our own shades, feeling calm and were proud of the care we took.

Remembrance Week – Year 1

” During Remembrance week we looked at the story ‘Flo of the Somme’ by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey. It has detailed pictures and talks about the role of animals in World War 1, especially medical dogs. We found out that guide dogs began after 1918 because of all the soldiers who returned with sight problems. On Thursday we had a special visitor, a guide dog called Lucy and her handler. We were able to ask lots of questions. To say thank you, we made a special card, with textures on, using wool, foam shapes and tissue paper.

Finally, in the woods, we used the blindfolds and a nightline to see what it is like to move around without being able to see.”

Year 5A Remembrance

Having read part of the Armistice Runner by Tom Palmer, we have been practising ‘fell running’ on the top field. We created our own obstacle course each afternoon and been training. On Friday, to remember the trench runners in WW1 we set up a relay with teams to carry messages that the end of the war had been declared accurately across our obstacle courses.

Science in Year 6A

We kicked off a new science topic ‘Light and How We See’ with a science carousel around the theme of light. There were quite a few ‘WOW’ moments and lots of questions. Maybe at home you could discuss some questions relating to what we saw and even try to repeat some of them?

How can white light make a rainbow?

How is it that a spinning colour wheel can turn white?

How does light travel?

Why can I still see at night when all the lights are out?

How do we actually see?

Why do shadows change shape?

Why does light appear to reflect off some surfaces but not others?