Year 2 Library Trip!

Yesterday, we took an enjoyable stroll to Kesgrave Library. We met the librarians who told us about the library and all the books that were there. We then got the chance to explore the library and find out for ourselves about the different books that were there. We had a lovely time reading the large selection of children books and sharing them with our friends. We also made bookmarks to use in our reading! We had a very enjoyable morning out!

Year 2 Ball Games

We have been working on a range of team games so far this half term and developing our ball skills. This week we had a go at basketball and made up our own games to practise our skills.

Suffolk One Life comes to year 5

Katie came for a second extra session to remind the class about the importance of making balanced food choices and exercise to be healthy and happy. In assembly earlier in the day she shared this message with KS2. Lots of the class are making active choices in their food and exercise such as cycling more, drinking water and not choosing crisps for snacks.

Year 1 Science

‘To help us to learn the names of different body parts we drew an outline of one of our friends. Then we added the labels. Some names were new to us and we had to use good team work to put the labels in the right places.’

5A plays top trumps with the gods

Taking information from non fiction texts, we created our own top trump card and then had great fun battling against our friends to see which Ancient Egyptian god would win. The categories were power, weapon, skill and importance. We kept a tally of our wins, draws and loses.

5A investigates ancient artefacts to understand chronology

A challenging afternoon of trying to date and work out what different artefacts. We looked carefully at a Greek arrowhead dating from 1000 BC, ammonite fossils, a 100 AD celtic bracelet and spear head, a Tang dynasty 500 AD bronze mirror with intricate patterns of birds and grapes and a more recent artefact of a wooden ammunition box from the second world war. We looked at the materials they were made of and how they had oxidised over time and for clues such as dates or markings.

Then we created a timeline of the artefacts and added in main events from Ancient Egypt. Up on the top field we organised ourselves into chronological order holding the timeline to see how our artefacts and events were ordered.

Knuffle Bunny in Year 1

Knuffle Bunny Too is a story from the Gorseland Book Spine. We remembered Trixie from before and noticed that she had grown up alot. She went to school and found her friend had a knuffle bunny too. Trixie and her new friend Sonja had a falling out before they became friends.¬†We did some acting out of their discussions before doing some shared writing to record what each character said. We used a different colour each to show who was talking.’