Year 1 Easter Gardens

Year 1 have been looking at the Easter story and we created an Easter garden showing some of the elements of the Easter story.  We have used a range of resources and even had to go outside foraging.  We are very proud of our creations and can’t wait to see the grass growing from our seeds over the Easter weekend, showing new life.

Year 1 Cooking

In DT we made biscuits for Mothering Sunday to say thank-you to the special ladies in our lives and people that care for us.  We were very careful with our measuring and mixing.  The designs we created were fab too!

Year 1 Reading

We love sharing a range of books with our friends.  We are good at discussing the stories and finding out facts.  We always help each other if we find our letters and words tricky to sound out.

Year 1 – Neil Armstrong

In year 1 we have been finding out about significant people from the past.  This week we went on a space adventure to find out all about Neil Armstrong.  We loved it!

Year 1 Dance

We enjoyed learning some Dance moves and creating dance moves as a small group with an instructor from Premier Sports.  We had to make sure we had warmed up properly first though!


Yesterday, we had a fantastic trip to Sizewell Beach. When we arrived, we were met by our leaders who were running our trip. In the morning, we had two activities to do. One activity was a scavenger hunt. We had to find lots of things which made nature beautiful on the beach. When we had collected them, we looked at them carefully through magnifying glasses. We loved exploring and asking questions about what we could see! After that, we then did a litter pick. We all were given a grabber and we went around the beach collecting items that shouldn’t be there as they may cause harm to the wildlife. It then poured it down! Whilst we were waiting for the rain to stop, we sat in some survival shelters. After lunch, we then took part in some craft activities. These were: Making a fish, creating a beach scene, sketching of the beautiful objects we had found, colouring and some word searches. We had a fun filled day!

Performers Take the Stage!

We enjoyed Fynn and Noah’s musical talents in class this week! They have been taking guitar lessons and wanted to show how well they are doing. We enjoyed the show boys, keep it up!

Litter Pick

This week we took part in ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ week and did a litter pick. We thought about why it is important to put litter in the bin and how litter can impact our environment. We had a great time keeping our local area tidy!