Year 6 Remembrance

The Year 6 children were hugely respectful as they represented Gorseland at Legion Green this morning. A thought-provoking experience for everyone involved.

Year 6 visit Crucial Crew

Today, Year 6 spent the morning at Stratford St Andrew learning about safety in the word around them. They experienced sessions about the topics: fire safety; healthy-living information; road safety understanding; drug and alcohol misuse; anti-social behaviour; e-safety knowledge; peer-pressure advice and first aid.

The children were a credit to the school, taking in a vast amount of knowledge in such a short space of time. Please talk to your children about their experiences today and what they can remember. We will be looking at some of the information  raised tomorrow and over subsequent weeks.

Well done Year 6.

Year 6 Remembrance

Today, we looked at the history of World War One and the idea of Remembrance. We all created a dramatic poppy with meaningful words to show our understanding of the significant symbol.Beautifully and carefully decorated, the poppy wreaths will be laid at Legion Green a week on Friday at the eleventh hour. Well done Year 6 for your care and compassion here.

Bawdsey Survival Guides – 6B

Since we enjoyed our visit to Bawdsey so much, we wrote a survival guide to help out the Year Fives next year! This afternoon we filmed them, but we couldn’t help getting into fits of giggles at our own humour! 
Are you concerned about leaving your family for four nights to sleep in a room with some potentially smelly children? Do you wish you could take ten packed lunches to avoid having to eat some new and suspicious looking foods? Well, fear not! The Year Six team is here to help you get over your fears and survive a week at Bawdsey! 

Bawdsey Survival Guides – 6A

This afternoon, we created iMovie videos. Our audience will be Year 5 and the purpose was to encourage and help them to enjoy their PGL trip to Bawdsey next year. We gave lots of supportive advice and recorded sections of the guide on location. A fun and informative afternoon’s work.

Year 6 Crumble Coding

A terrific day was had by the Year 6 children and adult helpers, coding Crumble robots to race around a track. The day was challenging yet fun and the children learned an incredible amount in this technological field. Thank you also to all those that helped to make this possible, and to the children for their exceptional behaviour.

Starting off Year 6 with a bang!

This Friday all of the Year Six children got the chance to make a rocket! We worked hard on our communication and team building skills in preparation for Bawdsey in one weeks time! We had loads of fun and really thought about how our designs would impact the different forces that would be acting on our rockets. 

Once we had completed our rockets, we went to the field as a year group to test them out! One person from each team had to volunteer to get extremely wet and hold the rocket in place! Our winning rocket travelled a whopping 48 meters, but everyone’s rockets impressed us very much! We have now evaluated our rockets and believe, after learning from our mistakes, we now all have the power to build award winning rockets. 

We are all engineers!

Welcome to the Gorseland Blog

We would like to introduce the new Gorseland Blog. This blog will contain posts from all year groups, giving you an insight in to the learning happening around the school.

Be sure to check back often to see the latest posts.