Gorilla Fitness

This afternoon, Year 6 were put through their paces with a circuit training session. There was a fantastic effort given all round – lots of fun was had too!Happy weekend everyone! Don’t forget that next Friday is our Dragons’ Den event. We look forward to seeing you then!

6A get busy making their inventions.

I can’t wait to see the outcome of their hard work – 6A have been extremely industrious this afternoon, putting their Dragons’ Den products together. A few more hours of learning time remain until their deadline. You can do it 6A – keep working together and supporting each other!

Seeing into the Future!

Today, Year 6 were given the chance of a lifetime – to see into the new technologies currently being developed within the walls of Adastral Park. It was an excellent interactive event, engaging our young people with inspiring technologies, such as: virtual reality; hologram programming; 3D printing for the medical world; videoing tracking, customer profiling; robotic programming and more. As the children explored these technologies, they took part in challenges to trial the areas of interest. Two of our Gorseland teams even won prizes for robot programming and the space race.A fantastic time was experienced by all, and the children were a credit to the school, showing exemplary behaviour and maturity. 

Sensational Year 6 Fundraising event

As very proud teachers, we just wish to send out a massive thank you to everyone that has run, baked, helped prep tombola prizes, bagged sweets, found sponsors (or been a sponsor!) and worked passionately to raise funds for film week. We have been overwhelmed by everyone’s commitment and generosity and have enjoyed seeing the children so keen to get involved.

Well done one and all!Miss Lambert and Mrs Orrin

Celebrating books

World Book Day has been a roaring success. Year 6 came dressed in some inspirational costumes, linked to their favourite texts – I thought I had arrived in Hogwarts! The book blether and willingness to share their book loves was superb.What a motivated group of youngsters! Thank you everyone!

Year 6 Fencing Taster Session

Year 6 enjoyed an active session in which they learned the art of fencing. It was a fun-packed thirty minutes and the children felt very motivated afterwards. Anyone who particularly enjoyed the taster would be welcome to attend the fencing club starting soon.

Learning about our wider community

In Year 6, we welcomed Mrs Saunders this afternoon, who kindly shared her role as a nurse practitioner who supports some of the marginalised groups within the wider Ipswich community. The children asked a range of intriguing and deep thinking questions with regard to migrants and refugees, and Mrs Saunders nursing role. They were answered in a child-friendly, informative and sensitive manner, developing their understanding of her role as being non-judgemental and compassionate. Superb discussion and mature learning. Well done everyone.

Dramatic Inspiration

Today, we had lots of fun acting out our dialogue text from the novel Pig-heart Boy. The characterisation and engagement was excellent. A terrific way to bring learning to life Year 6.

Year 6 Dragons Den

Year 6 have been hard at work this afternoon coming up with their initial product ideas. We have been working on the theory that no idea is a bad idea and musing about possible new products as much as possible! Team work has been key this afternoon; the most successful groups have listened well to each other, praised each other and asked challenging questions.