Tide Mill and IpswicOur Year 6 Storytellers Trip

Year 6 are extremely proud of the stories they have written, telling the tales from their films. The children have worked hard to produce engaging pieces that they will retell to various audiences. They are adopting storytelling techniques to draw their reader’s into their creative worlds. A superb start to this next venture. We look forward to our puppet making next week too! Any large cardboard boxes would be welcomed to help our children create their own puppet theatres.

Dress Rehearsals are underway!

Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed creating their scripts and practising their lines for filming next week. Enthusiasm and energy have pervaded the Year 6 area today.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with props and costumes – the children’s enthusiasm has quadrupled now they truly feel like their characters. Well done everyone – can’t wait for filming week.

Serious Script writing!

Year Six are continuing to work hard preparing for film week! After much team discussion, we are now getting down to the nitty gritty aspect of our films and composing some superb scripts! We are all very involved and excited!

Year 6 are putting together their final story boards!

Film week is fast approaching and the Year Six children are fully committed to producing some fantastic stories to entertain adults and children alike! 
Today, we have focused on creating our master storyboards to present to the filmmakers on the first Monday back after half term! 

We did it! Now for Film Week!

Year 6 had an introductory assembly about their new exciting venture. Film week plans are beginning, with story mapping and script writing taking place next week.

The children really enjoyed meeting Paul and Ashley who will be leading them through their story telling journey.

Suffolk Folk Tales

Over the last two weeks, Year 6 have been reading, exploring and interpreting folk tale stories passed down through many generations. Their aim is to unpick these tales and rewrite them in their own unique style to use as stimuli for their films.

Film week will begin the second week after half term, and the children are well on their way to immersing themselves in creative ideas to begin the process.

Into the Dragons’ Den

What a sensational way to end our term’s learning! Year 6 were outstanding! They pitched their ideas, presented well-thought out adverts, answered tricky question linked to finance and eco-values, and shared their absolute enthusiasm for their innovative products that could revolutionise someone’s life. 

Many thanks to all the parents who supported us this morning, making this a real-life learning experience for all.
Happy Easter everyone.