Voice Box Joke Competition

Pupils across the whole school have been heard having fun with language during our Voice Box joke-telling competition. The event has raised awareness of the need to develop communication skills and confidence. Pupils and staff voted for Gorseland’s funniest joke at today’s class meeting – can you guess what it is?

Tree Planting

Today, children across the school planted 450 trees around the school grounds. The children attached handmade labels to their tree so they can remember which tree is there’s once they grow up.

Ammonite Art in Year 5

As part of our understanding of time we looked at ammonite fossils and then used their outlines to create some wonderful colour shades. We enjoyed mixing our own shades, feeling calm and were proud of the care we took.

Year 5A Remembrance

Having read part of the Armistice Runner by Tom Palmer, we have been practising ‘fell running’ on the top field. We created our own obstacle course each afternoon and been training. On Friday, to remember the trench runners in WW1 we set up a relay with teams to carry messages that the end of the war had been declared accurately across our obstacle courses.

Armistice Day in Year 5

This week we have been reflecting on the 100 year anniversary of the Armistice and what it means for us in class. How can we peacemakers and not peace breakers in the playground? We created freeze frames in groups to show the problems we might have at playtime and the solutions we might use.

Year 5 at BT

Today, we had a fantastic, challenging day at BT. In groups of three, we were given tasks to code our robots. We had to understand how conditionals worked to create algorithms that used the ultrasound and colour sensors. We were advised to ‘tinker’ with our coding to improve. Congratulations to our fourth place finalist in the competition event!

Cosy Reading Session in 5A

On Friday, we had a different, yet great, reading session in class. We brought in cushions for our first ‘cosy reading’ Friday. The chance to share and discuss books in a different way made reading more of a pleasure- the perfect follow up to our library trip!

Welcome to the Gorseland Blog

We would like to introduce the new Gorseland Blog. This blog will contain posts from all year groups, giving you an insight in to the learning happening around the school.

Be sure to check back often to see the latest posts.