Year 5 Tag Rugby Coaching

Year 5 had a wonderful afternoon of tag rugby coaching from Mr Taylor of Ipswich High School. We practised different passes and tackles, it was extremely cold but great fun. Some of us are now looking forward to a tag rugby festival at Ipswich High School at the end of February.

Persuasive Gadget Pitches in Year 5

In small groups, we selected and worked together to practise a pitch  using persuasive techniques such as being boastful, the imperative, short sentences, alliteration and rhyme. Finally we presented our persuasive pitch to another group, who gave positive feedback about our most effective persuasive phrases. This talk is helping us to learn how to write persuasively.

Watercolour Art in Year 5

We used ipads to zoom in on different textures outside, then selected our best to share. Then we explored different techniques with watercolour using salt, different brush strokes, dabbing and water.

Last 5 A blog of 2018!

Today was the awesome ‘Around the World’ food festival in Year 5. Every child brought in a dish. Every continent was represented, new food tried, recipes explored at home and great baking talent reflected in the delicious tastes. Everyone felt more adventurous about trying new food and many valued the chance to cook with Mum or Dad.

First Aid in Year 5

5A had a great opportunity to learn first aid with Ollie. He showed them DR ABC, how to put each other in the recovery position and even how to bandage wounds.

Awards Around School

Haojia, Harry and Noah completed a 1.5 km run at Chantry Park. Well done boys!

Riagan won Gold in the Manchester Youth Karate Open Championship and first place in the MEOPHAM Open Championship. He says his success is done to perseverance and never giving up when training is hard. Well done!

Year 5A Investigates Gravity!

In teams, we had fun trying to keep a balloon in the air against the pull of gravity by blowing through straws. Then we went on to investigate the link between mass and Newtons using Newton Meters.