Investigating Dissolving in Year 5

In Science, we planned fair tests to investigate dissolving of solutes into water. We predicted and then recorded our results. We discussed ways to speed up dissolving such as heat, stirring and using more finely ground solids.

Ancient Egyptian Research

Having researched our own area of interest about the Ancient Egyptians, we made eye-catching information leaflets to share our findings. We chose to learn more about the River Nile, the Sphinx, mummification, weapons and daily life.

Creating creatures in Year 5

Developing careful watercolour techniques enabled us to create wonderfully coloured creatures. We used our imaginations to develop our ideas about what strange creatures we might discover in an Ancient Egyptian tomb.

Year 5’s amazing trip to Ipswich Museum

Year 5 had a fantastic day at Ipswich Museum on Thursday. The children learned about how artefacts help us to learn about the past  by handling objects from an Ancient Egyptian tomb. They followed the journey to the afterlife and had the chance to wear stunning masks of the gods. For many the best part of the day was using clay to make shabtis or seeing the Victorian animal displays.

Year 5 invite the Year 2 to ‘Gadgets ‘R’ Us’

This week was a great chance for the class to share their fabulous explorer gadgets created specially for adventurers considering visiting Ancient Egypt’s tombs. We looked at gadgets available for spies and considered adaptations or completely new ideas. Having carefully drawn and labelled our own gadgets we set about creating persuasive adverts for them. We enjoyed being creative and sharing our inventions with year 2.

Suffolk One Life comes to year 5

Katie came for a second extra session to remind the class about the importance of making balanced food choices and exercise to be healthy and happy. In assembly earlier in the day she shared this message with KS2. Lots of the class are making active choices in their food and exercise such as cycling more, drinking water and not choosing crisps for snacks.

5A plays top trumps with the gods

Taking information from non fiction texts, we created our own top trump card and then had great fun battling against our friends to see which Ancient Egyptian god would win. The categories were power, weapon, skill and importance. We kept a tally of our wins, draws and loses.

5A investigates ancient artefacts to understand chronology

A challenging afternoon of trying to date and work out what different artefacts. We looked carefully at a Greek arrowhead dating from 1000 BC, ammonite fossils, a 100 AD celtic bracelet and spear head, a Tang dynasty 500 AD bronze mirror with intricate patterns of birds and grapes and a more recent artefact of a wooden ammunition box from the second world war. We looked at the materials they were made of and how they had oxidised over time and for clues such as dates or markings.

Then we created a timeline of the artefacts and added in main events from Ancient Egypt. Up on the top field we organised ourselves into chronological order holding the timeline to see how our artefacts and events were ordered.