Extreme Weather Cricket Coaching

With incredible wind speeds, our bowling and fielding was tested to the limits today. We had a great session with Mr Taylor focusing on bowling, batting and fielding. With lots of practise, the teams will be well prepared for the upcoming cricket festival at Ipswich High School.

Scarab designing in 5A!

Having looked at many scarabs from Ancient Egypt, we designed our own scarabs. Finally, we  used a variety of tools to recreate our designs on clay. Now, all we have to do is wait for them to dry before painting them!

World Book day in 5A

We had great fun dressing up and sharing our favourite books. We were also authors for the day with paired writing of our fables. Our fables all had messages we developed of how to make better choices in life

5A create a rhythm with doumbek drums

Today, Mr Woodleigh from KHS taught us how to play a doumbek drum from Egypt. We learnt about the importance of pulse using the word ‘Egypt’. He taught us how to use phrases to create a rhythm; we made a rhythm using ‘they mummified cats’ and ‘they hunt with spears’. After watching a short video, we split into groups and tried to create our own polyrhythm (a piece with many rhythms) We discovered that different sounds could be made: by hitting the outside of the drum we could make a higher slap sound; by hitting the centre of the drum we created a deeper bass tone. It was great fun!