Year 5 trip to West Stow

Year 5 had a fantastic trip to West Stow on Friday to discover how archeologists are using evidence to explore how people lived during Anglo Saxon times. Thank you to parents who helped on our trip!

Year 5’s visit to Kesgrave Library

Today year 5 had a great trip to Kesgrave Library. We learned how to reserve books and familiarised themselves with the new library layout. We were also enthused to read more and all borrowed books. Thank you to the super librarians who made us feel so welcome and helped us.

Teamwork in 5A

The Marshmallow Tower Signal Challenge: once again our teamwork skills were tested as we looked to create the highest tower. We evaluated the improvement in how we worked together and our successes in the challenge.

5A’s Eggdrop!

To promote a greater understanding of teamwork we had the challenge of creating a way for Eggward to land safely. Points were given according to the height at which our egg survived, bonus points were also given for style of Eggward’s design. Materials were limited to straws, paper and an amount of masking tape. We evaluated our team working skills and gave ourselves targets to improve on in next week’s challenge.