Experience Easter in Year 3

Last week we had a wonderful time visiting St Michael’s Church to learn about the Easter story. We listened to the story and took part in different activities to help our understanding. Thank you to all our helpers!

We Are Scientists In 3B!

3B took part in a Science workshop lead by Supernova Scientists! We tested how different liquids can make different colours based on how acidic or alkaline they are!

3B Testing Friction!

This half term in Science, Year 3 have been learning about forces. We set up an experiment using cars, ramps and different materials to test out friction! Here’s our experiments in action!

Litter Picking in Year 3!

As part of our mission to help nature, Year 3 got our gloves on and went on a litter pick around the school! We learnt about how litter picking can help the local community and reflected on where we should always put our litter!

Science Week in Year 3!

As part of Science Week, we took part in a Supernova Scientists workshop! We tested different liquids to find out if they were acid or alkaline. We found out we could tell which was which by the colour the liquid turned and investigated what patterns we noticed.

Science in Action in Year 3!

In science, we have been learning about forces. We investigated friction as a force by creating ramps made of different materials. We measured the distance a toy car travelled when going down the different ramps. We enjoyed coming up with our own scientific questions to test!

PE in Year 3!

This half term, with Mr Betts, Year 3 are developing their dodgeball skills. This week, we have been developing our throwing accuracy using the dodgeballs!