Hands on in Maths!

This week, we have been learning about perpendicular and parallel lines. What better way to learn than to make them ourselves! We challenged ourselves to create 2D shapes that have both kinds of lines in them. What shapes can you think of?

3A at the Farm (our afternoon!)

In the afternoon, we practised milking a cow, played some fun farm games, tried lots of new foods, investigated how fish are farmed and even rode in a Police car! We all had a fantastic day and learnt alot about farming in our local area.

3A at the Farm (our morning!)

We had a wonderful time at the Suffolk County Farm Fair! In the morning, we met lots of farm animals,  saw Suffolk Punches, met some energetic working hounds, discovered how to plant potatoes and even saw a combine harvester in action!

Performers Take the Stage!

We enjoyed Fynn and Noah’s musical talents in class this week! They have been taking guitar lessons and wanted to show how well they are doing. We enjoyed the show boys, keep it up!

Litter Pick

This week we took part in ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ week and did a litter pick. We thought about why it is important to put litter in the bin and how litter can impact our environment. We had a great time keeping our local area tidy!

A Greek Feast in Year 3!

We cooked up a storm in class this week! We prepared a Greek salad with feta cheese, black olives, fresh tomatoes, cucumber and red onion. We made our own tzatziki and enjoyed it with wholemeal pitta pockets. Yum!

Science Enquiry

Last week we decided we wanted to investigate whether magnets would still attract through paper. We took our investigations to the next level this week in science, investigating what materials magnets could attract through. We then investigated whether the thickness of the material made a difference.

Coding in Year 3!

We have been developing our coding skills in computing this week! We have been using code to move Sprites and complete different puzzles. We are getting so good at debugging and finding solutions to problems ourselves.