Science Week in Year 3!

As part of Science Week, we took part in a Supernova Scientists workshop! We tested different liquids to find out if they were acid or alkaline. We found out we could tell which was which by the colour the liquid turned and investigated what patterns we noticed.

Science in Action in Year 3!

In science, we have been learning about forces. We investigated friction as a force by creating ramps made of different materials. We measured the distance a toy car travelled when going down the different ramps. We enjoyed coming up with our own scientific questions to test!

PE in Year 3!

This half term, with Mr Betts, Year 3 are developing their dodgeball skills. This week, we have been developing our throwing accuracy using the dodgeballs!

Food Sensory in Year 3

This week we took part in a food sensory workshop run by Caterlink, who cook our school meals. This workshop fitted in perfectly with our ‘Healthy Me’ topic, and we explored different tastes and how they made us feel. We also tried to identify which part of our tongue was sensitive to the four tastes of sweet, sour, bitter and salty. I’m not sure we could all agree, but we had some fun trying!

Things are looking bright in Year 3!

This week, we have been thinking a lot about where we get electricity from. We are very excited about the new solar panels that are being fitted, and have been learning how they use the sun’s renewable energy to create electricity.  Thank you Mr Roberts for giving us the chance to get a closer look and ask questions!

Year 3 Make Bread!

This week, Jamie and Caroline from Caterlink visited Year 3! We spoke about the different types of bread and where they originate from. We then made our own bread, which we tried with our parents!

3B’s Pride Tree

This week, in PSHE, 3B have been discussing moments to be proud of and using a growth mindset. We have made a Pride Tree in our classroom! Each class member will put a moment they are proud of on a leaf which will be added to the tree every week!