Our Trip to Framlingham Castle!

Os part of our ‘Take One Place’ theme of Important People, Year 3 visited Framlingham Castle to find out about who lived there! We did a treasure hunt, investigated the moat and climbed the tower to do the Wall Walk amongst many other things!

Music in Year 3!

We have enjoyed our music lessons this term! We have composed rhythms linked to the National Anthem, using a range of percussion instruments. 

Light and Dark Music!

In Music, we have investigated how music can represent light and dark. We listened to various classical pieces, then used the chime bars to compose and perform our own pieces of light and dark music!

Performance Poetry!

In English we have been exploring how different poetry can be performed. We learnt some performance poetry and created actions to express the words!

French Party

We celebrated all that we have been learning in French this half term by having a French themed party! We sung songs, played games, created invitations and had some French food too. We loved the croissants!

Sharing our Writing!

We have been sharing our writing with Year 4! Year 4 showed us their writing about Thorpe Woodlands and gave us some advice for when we go! We showed Year 4 our non-chronological reports on light and darkness! We told them some great facts!

Circuits in DT

As part of our ‘Light and Dark’ topic, we investigated how to create simple series circuits to light a bulb. We then challenged ourselves to find out what happens if more bulbs or wires are added to the circuit.

Game On!

In PE his week, we combined all of the skills we have been learning in order to play a game similar to basketball. We used chest, shoulder and bounce passes to work as a team and practised our dribbling skills too. Game on!

Country Bingo!

In geography this week, we investigated places around the world that it stays light or dark for weeks at a time. We played a game of country bingo to see which team could find the different countries in an atlas. Our favourite was Iceland because of the Northern Lights and huskies!