Alive or Dead?

This half term we have been looking at life processes. We looked at what makes something alive or dead. We then looked at a plastic stick insect, a dead one and a real one to try and work out the characteristics! 

Tree Planting

Today, children across the school planted 450 trees around the school grounds. The children attached handmade labels to their tree so they can remember which tree is there’s once they grow up.

2B Visit the trenches!

Our topic this week has been based around the Christmas truce that happened during WW1. In Literacy, we went back in time and became a soldier in the trenches on that day. We retold the story by sitting in our trenches and reenacting the special moments the soldiers did on that day. It really helped with our letter planning!

Storytelling in Year 2

Today we looked at retelling stories. Our story today was about Bubbles. We started by putting ourselves into the story by playing with bubbles and watching them travel. We then went onto using puppets to retell our story and trying to use exciting language to make it interesting.

Welcome to the Gorseland Blog

We would like to introduce the new Gorseland Blog. This blog will contain posts from all year groups, giving you an insight in to the learning happening around the school.

Be sure to check back often to see the latest posts.