D&T in Year 2

In D&T, we have been creating photo frames in time for Christmas. First, we measured our sticks of wood in maths to the nearest cm. Then, we carefully cut the wood using saws. We took a photo of ourselves in our Christmas outfits ready to go inside the frames. Later this week, we are going to paint and assemble our frames!

Computing in Year 2

In Computing, Year 2 have been using a range of different digital medias to create their own drawings of The Christmasaurus. They enjoyed exploring the different drawing materials on offer and experimented with different textures.

Awards Around School

Haojia, Harry and Noah completed a 1.5 km run at Chantry Park. Well done boys!

Riagan won Gold in the Manchester Youth Karate Open Championship and first place in the MEOPHAM Open Championship. He says his success is done to perseverance and never giving up when training is hard. Well done!

Year 2 Christmas Experience

Today, we spent the afternoon at St Michael’s Church for the ‘Experience Christmas’ event. We took part in a number of activities to explore the meaning of advent and preparing for the celebrations.

Baking in Year 2

Today, we did some baking. We made Thomas Farriner cakes which the baker would have made in 1666. We looked at measuring and discussed units of measurement. We had to work hard as a team and follow instructions carefully.


Today in art, we looked at sketching. We looked at candles and discussed shapes and colours that we could see. We then tried to sketch the candles using our normal pencils, colouring pencils and then art pencils. We enjoyed looking and drawing.

Year 2’s Great Fire of London Day!

Welcome back to 1666. Year 2 had a special visitor. Samuel Pepys came to visit us where the children got to ask him questions about what happened in London. After that, we went and buried our cheese, just like he did, so that it wouldn’t get burnt by the fire. We then spent the day doing 5 activities:; Writing using quills, collage, maths challenges, boat building and building houses. At the end of the day, we watched our houses burn just like they did.

Building London in Year 2

Today in maths we explored 3D shapes. We were given the challenge to build London using a range of 3D shapes. Whilst we were building, we had to label the shapes and see whether we could work out how many faces there were.

Voice Box Joke Competition

Pupils across the whole school have been heard having fun with language during our Voice Box joke-telling competition. The event has raised awareness of the need to develop communication skills and confidence. Pupils and staff voted for Gorseland’s funniest joke at today’s class meeting – can you guess what it is?

Musical Visitor in Year 2

Year 2 had a wonderful musical performance from Jacob and Mr Chalklen who play for Martlesham Brass. Jacob has been working hard to learn to play a new instrument and we were very impressed with his skills!