Gymnastics fun!

Today in gymnastics, we explored different ways of travelling and jumping. We used different apparatus to change the way we moved. We looked at how to safely jump off things as well as presenting them nicely. We had lots of fun moving in different ways!

Kesgrave Flower Show

This week, Year 2 have been working on a piece to take to the Kesgrave Flower Show. We have been looking at how plants grow and the different things they need. For the show, we have created a ‘Gorseland’ using cress and making sure that we are  putting it in the right place to grow. We have also started making paper flowers to decorate it with. Have a look if you can!

Habitat Dioramas

This week we started our habitat diorama projects. Our first task was to create the background and our creatures. We enjoyed exploring the different materials available. Next week, we are going to create moving parts for our dioramas and share them with Year 5.

Super Sandwiches!

On Tuesday afternoon we made delicious sandwiches.We gently spread the butter onto the bread and chose our fillings. We carefully used the knives to cut and prepare salad for our sandwiches. Finally, we cut our sandwiches in half and ensured our filling wasn’t falling out! Then we went and ate our sandwiches outside as a picnic in the sunshine!


Year 2 have been so lucky to have been taught mandarin this year! Today, we looked at family members and how to pronounce these words. We had a good at talking about who was in our family!

Sandwich Making!

Today in DT, we made sandwiches. We completed our activity step by step. First, we buttered two slices of bread making sure we were using the knife the right way round. Then, we put in our fillings. We could choose: ham, cheese, cucumber and lettuce. We had to cut the lettuce and the cucumber to make sure that everyone on table had some. We then enjoyed our sandwiches in a picnic with the whole of year 2! We had a lovely afternoon eating and making!

Fantastic Football

On Friday, we developed our dribbling skills in PE. We self-assessed what we already knew and chose the correct activity for our level. We enjoyed improving and sharing our skills.

Growing Beans!

This week in science, we looked at growing beans. We collected all of our equipment and discussed what we would use them for! We then planted our seeds using our listening to skills to follow some instructions! We then came up with how we were going to keep them alive!

We can’t wait to see them grow in our classroom!

Maths outside

In Maths, we have been exploring capacity. We had to complete a number of challenges to order the amount of liquid that was in each container.


In PE, we explored how to use different parts of our body to balance. We then tried performing these on benches and tested how long we could hold them for with a partner.