Author Visit in Year 2

This week, we had a visit for James Campbell. He is an author and he has written books such as Boy Face and The Funny life of pets! We discussed who could be a writer and what makes a person a writer. He gave us lots of inspiration for our writing and he even read some of his books to us! This helped us with our piece of writing for generating ideas!

World Book Day!

Wow! What wonderful book characters we had enter our classrooms yesterday! Over the week, we have taken part in looks of book activities. We drew Selfies of Captain Peggy who features in our current story, drew what we imagined her boat to look like as well as sharing our favourite books with our class meeting groups and our year 5 shared reading partners. It has really been a week for loving books!

Sea creature Art

This half term, we have been looking at oceans and seas. In art, we spent time sketching out an animal that would belong in the ocean. Then using inspiration from Eric Carle’s book Mister Seahorse, we then used different coloured paper to create a collage. We can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Pop up Books in Year 2

At the end of the half term, we had our own mini project! We created our very own pop up book to end our topic on authors. We used our stories that we had written about Mr Twit doing a cruel trick on Mrs Twit. Using cutting and joining techniques, we created three pages to tell our stories! We will be sharing our books with our shared reading group of year 5’s!

Year 2 Mandarin

This week with Miss Cheung we have been exploring Chinese New Year. It is the year of the pig and we created some super bookmarks to remind us of our new vocabulary!

Year 2 RE

In RE, we have been discovering the teachings of Islam. To end our topic, we made Eid cards to develop our understanding of how Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan and fasting.

Celebrating Eid!

This term, in RE, we have been exploring the idea of compassion. We have looked into Ramadan and the Eid festival. Muslims take part in Ramadan to remember the poor and needy as well as raise money for charity. We made Eid cards to show the pride that a Muslim would have at the end of Ramadan.

Year 2’s ‘booktastic’ trip

Year 2 had a very snowy and cold walk this morning to Kesgrave Library. We spent a lovely session looking at books, making bookmarks, completing book reviews and finding different books on a scavenger hunt.

Yoga in Year 2!

This half term, we have been looking at yoga, We have been practicing stretching and breathing at the right times! We have managed to get ourselves into some complex positions and telling a story using these stretches!