How well have you brushed your teeth?

In science, we have been looking at hygiene. Yesterday, we explored how well we brush our teeth. We used some special tablets, that when you chew them, turns the plaque and leftover food on your teeth purple! We had lots of fun watching our mouths go purple but it also made us realise how much we need to brush our teeth!

Year 2 Teeth Cleaning

Yesterday, we developed our understanding of how to brush our teeth correctly. First, we had a go at brushing our teeth.  Next, we used coloured chews to change the colour of the plaque and leftover food on our teeth that didn’t get brushed off. We then practised using small circular motions to clean our teeth. We had lots of fun!

Year 2 at Playtimes

We have been enjoying using lots of the new play equipment Mrs Burrows has ordered for us. On Friday, we worked well in teams to help each other balance. Mrs Burrows was very impressed with our cooperation and turn taking.

Recorders in Year 2

This half term we are learning how to play the recorder. We started today by looking at how to sit correctly and how to blow properly into it to make sure it sounded nice. Today, we learnt the chords A and C. We used this to play a song called “Get Rappin!”

Year 2 PE

Today we had our first yoga session in PE. We used the story of Moana to develop of balance and flexibility. Some of the positions were very tricky!

Year 2 Music

This week, we have been exploring the sounds that percussion instruments make. We also discovered that some instruments can be played in different ways and produce different sounds.

Sand Drawing

In RE, we have been exploring the word “Compassion”. We explored this word through a story about someone not taking care of a pet that they had. At different parts of the story, we stopped to discussed what had happened and drew the story in sand. We then explored how Muhammad had shown compassion in the story and how we had shown it ourselves.

Year 2 Photo Frames

In D+T, we have been creating photo frames as Christmas presents for our families. Here are the finished products! We also made wrapping paper and baubles!

D&T in Year 2

In D&T, we have been creating photo frames in time for Christmas. First, we measured our sticks of wood in maths to the nearest cm. Then, we carefully cut the wood using saws. We took a photo of ourselves in our Christmas outfits ready to go inside the frames. Later this week, we are going to paint and assemble our frames!

Computing in Year 2

In Computing, Year 2 have been using a range of different digital medias to create their own drawings of The Christmasaurus. They enjoyed exploring the different drawing materials on offer and experimented with different textures.