Remembrance Week – Year 1

” During Remembrance week we looked at the story ‘Flo of the Somme’ by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey. It has detailed pictures and talks about the role of animals in World War 1, especially medical dogs. We found out that guide dogs began after 1918 because of all the soldiers who returned with sight problems. On Thursday we had a special visitor, a guide dog called Lucy and her handler. We were able to ask lots of questions. To say thank you, we made a special card, with textures on, using wool, foam shapes and tissue paper.

Finally, in the woods, we used the blindfolds and a nightline to see what it is like to move around without being able to see.”

Avocado Baby in Year 1

In our class we have been reading the story of Avocado baby by John Burningham. We have been thinking about the things that make us strong and the special strong things we can do.

Stay Safe Online in Year 1

To help us to learn about e safety, we have been looking at the story of Penguinpig. We acted out parts of the story and times when we had made a bad choice. We made art work to show what might be hiding behind the red door.If we are online we need to tell an adult if there is something we are not sure about.

Year 1 and the story of Titch

‘The story of Titch helped us to talk about our families. We also measured and compared sizes of things, including ourselves. There were lots of ways to measure how tall we were.”

Mister Magnolia in Year 1

‘Mister Magnolia was our next book. If you look carefully you will find hidden numbers to count in the pictures. There are also lots of rhymes. Here we are painting in the style of the author, Quentin Blake.’

Busy Bumblebee Class

Like their name suggests bumblebees have been very busy. Each week we have a new book to investigate and enjoy. Here are some photographs inspired by our first book ‘Avocado baby’. Testing our strength and making small world play.

Welcome to the Gorseland Blog

We would like to introduce the new Gorseland Blog. This blog will contain posts from all year groups, giving you an insight in to the learning happening around the school.

Be sure to check back often to see the latest posts.