Year 1 Cakes

Year 1 have been using their measuring, mixing, timing, reading and good cooperation skills to create these yummy yoghurt cakes.  We have evaluated them and we were surprised at how so many of us actually liked rhubarb!

Year 1 PE

Year 1 have been practising their jumping techniques in a variety of situations.  They have set their own personal challenges and have set up activities to challenge each other and their thinking!

Year 1 – Literacy

Year 1 have been using Talk for Writing to grasp the relationship between Dogger and Dave.  We are really enjoying the story of Dogger by Shirley Hughes.

Springtime Woodland

In Science, Year 1 went to to woods today and noticed many seasonal changes from the last time they had visited. The birds were singing and the big oak tree was covered in new green leaves. 

As part of PSHE, lots of children were keen to continue team games which they had played during their last visit. Some children decided to dig down to South America, some made dens and chocolate brownies and some children were brave and climbed higher than they had ever climbed before. Can you guess who?

Where the wild things are

This week’s book has been ‘Where the wild things are’ by Maurice Sendak. The children have explored the story through Art and Music. They enjoyed learning to draw the monster hanging from the tree and added a watercolour wash effect too. Using their voices, body percussion and instruments they created a soundscape to accompany the picture of Max walking through the wood at night. There were lots of skills to remember including listening to each other, playing your instrument sensitively and watching the conductor.

Year 1 Easter Gardens

Year 1 have been looking at the Easter story and we created an Easter garden showing some of the elements of the Easter story.  We have used a range of resources and even had to go outside foraging.  We are very proud of our creations and can’t wait to see the grass growing from our seeds over the Easter weekend, showing new life.

Year 1 Cooking

In DT we made biscuits for Mothering Sunday to say thank-you to the special ladies in our lives and people that care for us.  We were very careful with our measuring and mixing.  The designs we created were fab too!

Year 1 Reading

We love sharing a range of books with our friends.  We are good at discussing the stories and finding out facts.  We always help each other if we find our letters and words tricky to sound out.

Year 1 – Neil Armstrong

In year 1 we have been finding out about significant people from the past.  This week we went on a space adventure to find out all about Neil Armstrong.  We loved it!