Year 1 Science – Our Bodies

This term we are looking at Animals and humans.  We have started by looking closely at your bodies and its various functions.  We can name many parts of our bodies and know what its purpose is.

Practising our spellings in Year 1

Year 1 have read a range of interesting books over the year so far.  We have been practising key spellings from our book of the week.  Some of this spellings were tricky but we are coming up with a range of ways to help us learn to read and write these.

Christmas Hat Preparations!

On the last day of term we enjoyed our Christmas dinner. We decided to reuse our Christmas assembly hats and make them crazy! We were reminded about the technique of making paper springy and learned how to curl paper. Some of us added long paper chains too. We hope we don’t drop paper in the gravy! Here are just a few examples.

Year 1 at Alice Grange

‘Year 1 classes took their singing and dancing to show the ladies and gentlemen who live at Alice Grange. Everyone made us very welcome and we shared our Christmas decorations’.

‘Book Blether’ in Year 1

What do you like to read? In Year 1 the children have been thinking about the range of books we have and which titles they enjoy most. They shared a wide range of books before choosing a favourite to recommend to a friend. Which came out top – Fiction or Non-fiction? On the day it was half and half.