PSHE Year 1

As part of PSHE, year 1 have been enjoying parachute games together. They had to work as a team and be brave enough to try new things.

Year 1 -Mandarin

After learning and singing ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ in Mandarin, we had to write the body part words in Mandarin and place them on our friend’s body correctly

Year 1 Science

We have been looking at a range of objects and using our scientific knowledge and understanding to decide whether they are a light source or a reflector.  We used a range of good scientific language and raised our own questions.

Year 1 Literacy

Year 1 have just started exploring their new story book called ‘Beegu’.  We have been doing lots of discussion work and drama activities to reinforce our understanding of how Beegu is feeling and the reaction of others.  We have made some great deductions and shown empathy!

Year 1 Shape Maths

We had to sort a range of 3D shapes according to their properties into 5 different groups.  We counted the edges and vertices carefully and we were able to recall many of the 3D shape names and their properties accurately.

Year 1 Art

Year 1 have been creating toy sculptures to sell in our own Toy Stall ‘Dogger’ text style.  We were inspired by some sculptures of dogs that were made out of lots of plastic toys.  We have fun spotting all the toys used!  Our sculptures were made out of junk modelling – can you guess what they are?

Year 1 Writing

Year 1 have been writing their own versions of our studied ‘Dogger’ story.  We planned our 3 sections of the story after talking with our partner about the problem that was going to happen to our teddy.

Year 1 Cakes

Year 1 have been using their measuring, mixing, timing, reading and good cooperation skills to create these yummy yoghurt cakes.  We have evaluated them and we were surprised at how so many of us actually liked rhubarb!

Year 1 PE

Year 1 have been practising their jumping techniques in a variety of situations.  They have set their own personal challenges and have set up activities to challenge each other and their thinking!