Year 1 Nature visitor

Year 1 had Mr Pearsons, a Nature Expert, in to work with us and help us learn more about nature, in particular Barn Owls and Moths.  We had fun dissecting Barn owl pellets and found lots of animal skulls, bones, maggots and even a set of teeth!  We did wash our our hands thoroughly afterwards .

Expert Yoga in Year 1

We had a fun time in Year 1 learning new ways to have fun and relax. Although we are used to following a yoga session, it was lovely to learn some new moves and have a go at some partner work. It was just what we needed after a busy morning!

World book day in year 1

We have been reading all week! Here are some pictures of our fantastic book inspired costumes.  We even made pictures about our favourite books out of fruit and vegetables. Then we enjoyed eating them.

Wild Plants

Year 1 have been using their observational skills in the school grounds, to find out about which plants are growing there. All of them are wild apart from one. Can you guess which plants are wild?

Cops and Robbers in Year 1

We have been looking at Cops and Robbers by Janet & Allan Ahlberg.  We have looked at what is going on at the police station and what the robbers are doing in the house.  We have discovered some interesting details in the pictures as well as spotting lots of rhyming pairs.  We have been amazing and on a Monday morning!

Science in Year 1

In Science we have been planting beans and discussing the things plants need in order to grow.  We have proven to be a knowledgeable and careful lot with our understanding of a plants needs! 

3D Shapes in Year 1

It’s not always easy learning the names of all the different 3D shapes. Some of the shapes are easier to use to build than others. Here are a few of the amazing structures we built and labelled together.

The Doctor visits Year 1

We are learning about ‘Animals including humans’. To help us learn about humans a Doctor came to visit us. She asked us what was wrong and told us about how to keep healthy. She brought her stethoscope and tested our reflexes. Now we know how to keep fit.

Fabric Faces in Year 1

With Mrs Smith, Year One have been exploring different fabrics so that they can design and make a fabric face. There are lots of things to think about. First you have to make a paper pattern for the face shape. Then you have to draw your design so that you can follow your plan. Next you have to work out how you will add the features to your circle. Lots of skills are needed like accurate cutting and using a range of joining techniques. If you want to see our fabulous results you will have to check in with the blog again soon.