Reception’s Fruit Salad

This week we have been exploring fruits and vegetables and the importance of healthy eating. We were excited to receive a box of fresh fruits from our new friend Oliver who inspired us to make our own fruit salad. The children modelled excellent health and safety as they prepared the fruit which was a real hit at snack time! We even wrote our own reviews.

Dragons in Reception

Zog has taken a break from ‘Madam Dragon’s school’ this week and has visited Caterpillars and Butterflies!

We have had a super week where we have received lots of messages and tasks from Zog to complete including thinking of ways to rescue one of his valuable gold stars! The children have been keen to take on roles in their play, turning themselves into dragons and princesses by making props and using these to retell the story. They have thought of some imaginative ideas including building a Dragon’s cave, where they wrote their own no entry to people signs. 

Reception’s trip to the Bakery

The Butterflies and Caterpillars had a fantastic time walking to the bakery to buy their special Christmas treats on the last day of term. They were very excited to post all of their hand written letters to Santa to tell him what they want for Christmas. Before returning to school, the Butterflies and Caterpillars treated their grown ups to some songs from their recent Nativity performance. It was a lovely end to term one.

Reception Nativity Performance

The Butterflies and Caterpillars did an incredible job in their Reception Nativity performance. They had lots of fun learning and practising all of the songs, actions and words. Their costumes looked amazing and they all did their grown ups proud.

Jolly Christmas Postman

We had a mystery post box arrive in our classroom with a present, it was from the Jolly Christmas Postman! The children got to know the story really quickly and were soon retelling it with props that they were busy creating in the classroom including post bags and hats! The Jolly Postman reminded us that we needed to write our letters and send them off to Father Christmas before it was too late!

Awards Around School

Haojia, Harry and Noah completed a 1.5 km run at Chantry Park. Well done boys!

Riagan won Gold in the Manchester Youth Karate Open Championship and first place in the MEOPHAM Open Championship. He says his success is done to perseverance and never giving up when training is hard. Well done!

Unicorns in Reception

It has been a magical kind of week in Reception with rainbows, glitter and UNICORNS! The children have loved sharing their knowledge of unicorns and have even taught the grown ups a thing or two! From writing unicorn stories, to plating unicorn tails, the children have thought of and executed some fab ideas!

Soup making in Reception

Caterpillars and Butterflies have been busy preparing their own tomato soup, inspired by the arrival of the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’. They showed excellent safety measures and followed instructions to ensure their soup was just right! After it was cooked and blended the children and teachers got on their winter warmers and set off to the forest where they enjoyed tasting their creation… some LOVED it and some were not too sure!

Voice Box Joke Competition

Pupils across the whole school have been heard having fun with language during our Voice Box joke-telling competition. The event has raised awareness of the need to develop communication skills and confidence. Pupils and staff voted for Gorseland’s funniest joke at today’s class meeting – can you guess what it is?

Tree Planting

Today, children across the school planted 450 trees around the school grounds. The children attached handmade labels to their tree so they can remember which tree is there’s once they grow up.