Happy Mothers Day!

Don’t forget to add your pictures and comments to Tapestry for your Easter Egg Challenge. Below is a reminder, just in case you had forgotten!

Happy Mothers Day!

Our Mother’s Day share was a great success, thank you so much to everyone who joined us for the afternoon, the turnout was amazing!

The children, teachers and, fingers crossed, ladies in our lives all had a brilliant afternoon filled with dancing, cooking and planting!

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No it’s SUPERPOTATO!

The children have loved exploring the world of superheroes, we have met characters and supported them on their missions. 

Children were keen to turn themselves into superheroes and express their powers, from ‘super speed’ to ‘super adder’ the children got a real sense for their own strengths and areas they are proud of. 
It was amazing to see how keen Superheroes are to write, the children wrote some fantastic phrases and stories, especially inside the Bat Cave!

World Book Day!

All of the children looked fantastic dressed up as their favourite book characters. They showed great interest in one anothers outfit choices which lead to some brilliant book discussions. Lots of role play took play throughout the day and we even managed to put on our own production of Little Red Riding Hood. 

Shrove Tuesday

We had lots of fun learning all about the meaning of Shrove Tuesday. The children were keen to share their pancake experiences with one another, from pancakes falling on the floor to discussing their favorite toppings! We made our own pancake batter, created frying pans and had races, it was definitely a teamwork kind of day!

Ziggety Zaggety Zoom!

The children have loved our magical discoveries over the past few weeks, from cauldrons, to giant spell books the children have been so busy acting out stories, creating potions and making props!

Chinese New Year in Reception

We all enjoyed learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year with a real life expert Miss Chun!We made lots of music throughout the week and made up our very own dragon dances. We took on the role of animals and recreated the Great Race as well as practising using our fine motor skills to control chop sticks.

Peg the Penguin visits Gorseland!

The arrival of a mysterious box and clues got us all thinking… what could be inside? what animals eat fish etc… our detective skills led us to meet a new friend Peg the Penguin!The children had a busy week communicating with Peg and learning all about Antarctica and the animals that live their. We used our phonics to write lists of items we would take on our trip and then used our imaginations to role play our visit!

Creepy Crawlies in Reception

The children have enjoyed exploring the world of minibeasts and making real life discoveries over in forest schools… Who would have thought of using worms to do maths!We were also lucky to have Mrs Spicer bring in her pet Stick Insects for us to learn about… some of us were keen to take a risk, others were happy to sit back and watch other do the holding!

Building Blocks that Inspire in Reception!

The arrival of our new blocks has caused a lot of excitement! The children have been inspired to engage in lots of imaginative play from building jails to creating castles and look outs! All of the children and staff would like to say a massive thank you to the PFA for this purchase!