Stay Safe Online in Year 1

To help us to learn about e safety, we have been looking at the story of Penguinpig. We acted out parts of the story and times when we had made a bad choice. We made art work to show what might be hiding behind the red door.If we are online we need to tell an adult if there is something we are not sure about.

Year 5 at BT

Today, we had a fantastic, challenging day at BT. In groups of three, we were given tasks to code our robots. We had to understand how conditionals worked to create algorithms that used the ultrasound and colour sensors. We were advised to ‘tinker’ with our coding to improve. Congratulations to our fourth place finalist in the competition event!

Cosy Reading Session in 5A

On Friday, we had a different, yet great, reading session in class. We brought in cushions for our first ‘cosy reading’ Friday. The chance to share and discuss books in a different way made reading more of a pleasure- the perfect follow up to our library trip!

Bawdsey Survival Guides – 6B

Since we enjoyed our visit to Bawdsey so much, we wrote a survival guide to help out the Year Fives next year! This afternoon we filmed them, but we couldn’t help getting into fits of giggles at our own humour! 
Are you concerned about leaving your family for four nights to sleep in a room with some potentially smelly children? Do you wish you could take ten packed lunches to avoid having to eat some new and suspicious looking foods? Well, fear not! The Year Six team is here to help you get over your fears and survive a week at Bawdsey! 

Bawdsey Survival Guides – 6A

This afternoon, we created iMovie videos. Our audience will be Year 5 and the purpose was to encourage and help them to enjoy their PGL trip to Bawdsey next year. We gave lots of supportive advice and recorded sections of the guide on location. A fun and informative afternoon’s work.

Year 1 and the story of Titch

‘The story of Titch helped us to talk about our families. We also measured and compared sizes of things, including ourselves. There were lots of ways to measure how tall we were.”

Mister Magnolia in Year 1

‘Mister Magnolia was our next book. If you look carefully you will find hidden numbers to count in the pictures. There are also lots of rhymes. Here we are painting in the style of the author, Quentin Blake.’