Year 1 maths

In maths we have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes. We looked carefully at different cubes and used straws and plasticine to make them. We had to measure the straws carefully to make sure that each side was the same length.


Light and Dark Music!

In Music, we have investigated how music can represent light and dark. We listened to various classical pieces, then used the chime bars to compose and perform our own pieces of light and dark music!

Performance Poetry!

In English we have been exploring how different poetry can be performed. We learnt some performance poetry and created actions to express the words!

Dress Rehearsals are underway!

Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed creating their scripts and practising their lines for filming next week. Enthusiasm and energy have pervaded the Year 6 area today.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with props and costumes – the children’s enthusiasm has quadrupled now they truly feel like their characters. Well done everyone – can’t wait for filming week.

Year 1 Brughuel inspired Art

Year 1 enjoyed looking at a painting by Brughuel that was over 500 years old!  We looked closely at all the activities the adults and children were doing, particularly the games they were playing.  We then thought about the games we play and recreated a modern version of the painting using our experiences and chalking them on the playground as a large piece of group art work.

Year 1 Music

Year 1  have been practising our singing and adding in some fun movements to help us remember and further our enjoyment of the songs.

Year 1 Morph dance

We have been watching the moves of ‘Morph’ and adapting them with our partner to create a Dance sequence.  We have been doing it in slow motion today!

Writing in Year 1

We enjoy using Talk for Writing to explore our book of the week further.  We can show how good we are at listening to each other and taking on roles from a story.

Art in Year 1

We have been creating our own aliens using plasticine to model and then used oil pastels 

to draw it on black paper.  We created some amazing aliens!