On Friday, we held a learning market to share our habitat dioramas with Year 5. We told the older children what we had been learning and they left us feedback about our work.

Our Trip to Framlingham Castle!

Os part of our ‘Take One Place’ theme of Important People, Year 3 visited Framlingham Castle to find out about who lived there! We did a treasure hunt, investigated the moat and climbed the tower to do the Wall Walk amongst many other things!

Music in Year 3!

We have enjoyed our music lessons this term! We have composed rhythms linked to the National Anthem, using a range of percussion instruments. 


In RE, we have been learning about why the Torah is important to Jewish people. This afternoon, we created our own Torahs. We thought about the meaning of fairy tales and use those as our teachings. We then created a scroll. After, we practiced reading our scrolls and guessing our friend’s message.


Today we developed our skills in Science. We observed and made predictions when completing an experiment to see if oranges float or sink with and without peel. We found the results very surprising! 

Tide Mill and IpswicOur Year 6 Storytellers Trip

Year 6 are extremely proud of the stories they have written, telling the tales from their films. The children have worked hard to produce engaging pieces that they will retell to various audiences. They are adopting storytelling techniques to draw their reader’s into their creative worlds. A superb start to this next venture. We look forward to our puppet making next week too! Any large cardboard boxes would be welcomed to help our children create their own puppet theatres.