Suffolk Show School Garden Design – Part Two

Falcon Class have continued to try their best on their garden project ‘protecting the natural gardens of the world’. Weeks of planning, designing and growing came together on a trip to Trinity Park to build the garden. The whole class coped with spending the day in an unfamiliar place with blazing sunshine alongside other schools and companies setting up. They also demonstrated their independence, perseverance and practical skills as they carried soil, dug holes, created borders and planted their country garden herbs and vegetables, arctic rockery plants, beach grasses and rainforest plants. The pupils chose to spend the following day talking about their garden and working on their project book, saying that they felt proud, grown up and listened to. Their child-led learning and engagement was acknowledged by the Suffolk Show judges as their garden became ‘best in show’, receiving a ‘large gold’ award and the Robin Wrinch Memorial Challenge Cup. What a lovely surprise! Well done to Daniel and Lucy who put in excellent effort communicating their ideas to the judges and visitors. We’d like to say a huge thank you for the support and kind donations which made our special project possible, especially to: Rougham Hall Nurseries, Katie’s Garden Plant Centre, Victoria Nurseries and the Suffolk Show staff and volunteers.