Sizewell beach trip

Yesterday, we had a fantastic trip to Sizewell Beach. When we arrived, we were met by our leaders who were running our trip. In the morning, we had two activities to do. One activity was a scavenger hunt. We had to find lots of things which made nature beautiful on the beach. When we had collected them, we looked at them carefully through magnifying glasses. We loved exploring and asking questions about what we could see! After that, we then did a litter pick. We all were given a grabber and we went around the beach collecting items that shouldn’t be there as they may cause harm to the wildlife. It then poured it down! Whilst we were waiting for the rain to stop, we sat in some survival shelters. After lunch, we then took part in some craft activities. These were: Making a fish, creating a beach scene, sketching of the beautiful objects we had found, colouring and some  word searches. We had a fun filled day!