We love to write!

Today in Literacy, we did a shared piece of writing. This week, we are writing a letter to Greenpeace to tell them about the plastics in the ocean! We generated our ideas together as a class that we wanted to include to make sure they would listen. In pairs, the children came up with sentences based on a criteria on what they needed to include.Miss Clark really struggles with writing so she has to magpie the children’s brilliant ideas to create her own. The children thought it would be a great idea to share our writing with you!

I strongly believe that we should stop putting sharp, poisonous and nasty plastic into the trashed ocean because sea creatures are dying quickly which could make them extinct. My first reason is that people shouldn’t throw the powerful plastic into the glittery ocean as animals find it difficult to swallow or digest it. How would you like it if you had to eat strong and harmful plastic all the time? My second reason is that plastic bags look like jellyfish and some types of fish eat them. Animal’s brains are not very clever and they cannot tell the difference between scrumptious food and enormous plastic when they are hunting. In 100 years time, the funky creatures will have died and it’s your responsibility to stop it now!