6B in Court!

6B have had the most amazing opportunity today! We were granted access to Ipswich Crown Court to perform our very own mock trial. A very special and unique experience given many adults haven’t had the opportunity to see inside a real court before!

 With confidence, flare and imagination, 6B acted out their courtroom drama. Many of them had spent their own time editing their lines, thinking about props and producing impressive articles and drawings. Their effort was outstanding and they left the Judge very impressed (and with a high score and a chance of getting into the final of the competition)!
The children were incredible and a real credit to the school. They dressed in real gowns and wigs, sat where real criminals have sat and got to quiz a real Judge about his best, most interesting and most difficult cases.
Here are just a few of the things children said after their visit:

Walking through the doors took my breath away, seeing the whole room laid out as a proper court.

It was a phenomenal experience to be able to talk to a real judge and find out about all of the best cases he has presided over. 

It was a unique, once in a life time, experience that I would not normally be able to do. 

It was really exciting to try something really different to anything we have ever tried before! 

It was both nerve wracking and exciting to be in a courtroom, having to speak and lay out a case!

It was an incredible experience being able to watch our class each take on their characters and play out a courtroom drama

I felt uncomfortable, but official in a proper lawyers wig and gown! The reason they wore them was because they are tradition. They used to be fashionable and only the rich use to be able to afford them.

It was a wonderful experience seeing everyone dressed up in white wigs and shirts, feeling very important! 

*Although we are strictly not allowed to post any photos from court on the internet, there will be a small display of photos in the classroom for anyone who wants to take a peek!