Year 6 Communication Project

Dear Year Six,

We would like you to create an interactive guide for parents of the children in Year 5 to introduce them to the Bawdsey residential in 2019. The best examples will be shared via the website.

Success Criteria

We will be assessing your presentation against the following criteria:

1. Your presentation answers the following questions for the reader.

  • What is PGL at Bawdsey ?
  • Why should your child go to PGL Bawdsey?
  • What activities can your child take part in?
  • What do they need to take?
  • What will they eat?
  • Where will they sleep?

2. Hyperlinks allow the reader to navigate easily throughout your presentation.

3. The information you present is clear and accurate (including grammar and punctuation).

4. The styles (fonts, backgrounds), techniques (slide transitions, animations) and media (pictures, photographs) you choose add to the presentation and do not distract the reader.

5. Your presentation has your audience in mind and is professional.


To help you complete the project successfully, you may want to follow the advice below

Foundations First

1. Spend some time planning the structure and layout of your presentation, thinking about what the parents will need to know about.

2. Create a range of hyperlinks to produce a non-linear presentation.

3. Organise, draft and check the information for your audience.

4. Select photographs and any other pictures you need.

Frilly Bits Later

1. Choose appropriate styles, techniques and media for your presentation.

2. Make sure your presentation has a consistent look and feel, which makes it professional.

3. Test and make changes to your presentation.

4. Use peer assessment and self-evaluation, make suitable improvements to your presentation.

Finally, the following notes might help you when adding information to your presentation.You can copy and paste it from here before adding more detail.

What is PGL at Bawdsey?

Is fifteen miles and about thirty minutes drive from the school.

A remarkable Grade II* listed, private site, sitting in 144 acres of parkland and woodland

Directly faces the beautiful Suffolk coastline, at the mouth of the River Deben.

Has many excellent existing facilities, including tennis courts, dining room and accommodation.

Home of Radar – with many existing buildings linked to this also.

Link to video –

Why should your child go to Bawdsey?

Enjoy new things and take opportunities wherever possible.

Find ways to push past fears in challenging circumstances.

Listen to others who encourage and help, thanking them for their advice.

Take part in a range of outdoor and adventurous activities.

Develop key skills – communication, independence, resilience, determination and teamwork.

What activities will your child take part in?

What do they need to take?


1 bag/case per person

1 day bag

Bag for bedding

Clothes – all clearly named

Old pair of  trousers (preferably not jeans)

Old T-shirt with long sleeves (not straps or short sleeves)

Old sweatshirt/jumper/fleece

Long socks (football socks ideal)

Outdoor Shoes (e.g. old trainers)

Indoor shoes (e.g. slippers)

Wet shoes

Other items

Hair tie for long hair

Water bottle

Sun hat and sun cream

Sleeping bag and pillow

Flat sheet for sleeping

Torch for evening activities

Wash kit






Hair brush/comb

Medium-sized towel

What will they eat?

Continental/ Full English breakfast

Lunch (incl. salad bar)

Evening Meal (incl. salad bar)

Sharing hall with other groups

Examples of meals

Daily menu including dietary requirements displayed on blackboard

Where will they sleep?

Secure indoor en-suite accommodation

Rooms of 4 to 6 children

Assigned point of contact

Night patrol


Own bedding needed

Good luck with your project. We look forward to seeing the final product.

Mrs Orrin and Miss Lambert.