How well have you brushed your teeth?

In science, we have been looking at hygiene. Yesterday, we explored how well we brush our teeth. We used some special tablets, that when you chew them, turns the plaque and leftover food on your teeth purple! We had lots of fun watching our mouths go purple but it also made us realise how much we need to brush our teeth!

Year 2 Teeth Cleaning

Yesterday, we developed our understanding of how to brush our teeth correctly. First, we had a go at brushing our teeth.  Next, we used coloured chews to change the colour of the plaque and leftover food on our teeth that didn’t get brushed off. We then practised using small circular motions to clean our teeth. We had lots of fun!

Reception’s Fruit Salad

This week we have been exploring fruits and vegetables and the importance of healthy eating. We were excited to receive a box of fresh fruits from our new friend Oliver who inspired us to make our own fruit salad. The children modelled excellent health and safety as they prepared the fruit which was a real hit at snack time! We even wrote our own reviews.

Pizzas are cooking in Year 3A!

As part of our ‘Healthy Me’ topic,  we made pizzas with a twist this week – each one could help us with our 5-A-Day! What are your favourite vegetables? Could you add them to your favorite pizza next time?

Eat Well in Year 3

In our OneLife Suffolk session this week, we have learnt about the ‘Eatwell Plate’. It was really fun to try and put different foods in the right place and we had to listen to each others and share ideas. We have been learning what foods we should only have as treats, such as chocolate and fizzy drinks.

Nutrition in Year 3

In Science this week, we have been learning about nutrition. We looked at different food groups such as protein, carbohydrates and fats. We found out why our bodies need different foods and how they help us. We have also been thinking about the kinds of foods we should be eating more of  by looking at the traffic lights and food labels on our favourite foods!